Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Homeopathic Detox Therapy

I recently travelled to Delft in The Netherlands to attend Ton Jansen’s Homeopathic detox therapy course.It was truly inspiring.

Even with all of the marvellous advances in our knowledge of health, medicine and diet people are becoming more chronically ill year on year.

Today it is commonplace to have food intolerances, asthma, diabetes, eczema, IBS, sinus problems, hay fever, autism and the list goes on.


My first career was as a teacher 33 years ago and I taught primary school children for 20 years. During the first 15 years, I had one child in my class who used an inhaler, no allergies, two children with eczema and no children with a diagnosis of Autism!

Today we take ill health for granted. I see tiny babies on a daily basis who are suffering with colic, reflux, constipation, eczema, asthma, ear infections – babies who need medication from such an early age just to be able to digest their food which is supposed to be nourishing and sustaining.

I see so many women unable to conceive and women struggling through menstruation and the menopause. The list goes on!

We live in an increasingly toxic world and are becoming dependent on more and more medication just to function

Homeopathic detox therapy isn’t a new diet, although it does encourage as clean a diet as possible, it is about addressing the root cause of ill health. What brought you to this place of discomfort or illness? It addresses the root cause, helps the body to detox and restores the body to balance. Homeopathy is never about keeping a person dependent on homeopathic remedies – they are used as a vehicle to restoring balance.

Homeopathic detox therapy is a wonderful approach to help restore balance to the body to allow the body to do what it is designed to do – to digest, to repair, to replenish, to detox and restore balance – to allow the body to do its work in order that we can thrive and grow.


‘Human Chemistry is a revolutionary way to understand and treat human beings at a deep level. It is about working with the whole human chemistry using the most appropriate treatment for the patients. This includes: “detox”, constitutional treatment, treat the reason of the visit of the patients, treatment for bringing the balance of body substances, vitamins, hormones, new homeopathic remedies…..


Homeopathic Detox Therapy is a part of Human Chemistry and is also a new way to tackle health problems and is aimed at the detoxifying and recuperative process of the body at a cellular level. The treatment is mild and can offer a quick and lasting recovery.’ Ton Jansen


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