Acutes Clinic

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Acutes Clinic

At Homeopathy For Health we regularly have people contact us looking for help, either for themselves or their children, for everyday problems like coughs, colds, stomach bugs etc

These acute complaints aren’t long term conditions but they do cause discomfort and affect a person’s quality of life in the short term.

Homeopathy is a wonderful, safe and effective way to help the body to restore balance and alleviate symptoms.

How this clinic works:

To book an appointment click on this phone number: 083 068 5880 and text your full name, you will then receive a text with an appointment time.

One of our homeopaths will call you, discuss your symptoms and recommend the most suitable remedy.


If you have a homeopathic kit the homeopath will instruct you how to prepare and take the remedy.

If you don’t already have the remedy we will supply it.



Consultation only €35

Remedies €10 -25 (depending on remedies supplied)