Childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma

Increasingly I have parents bringing their children to me as they are unhappy with the regular use of antibiotics, inhalers and steroids – often with only a minor reduction in their child’s symptoms.

It is a dilemma. On one hand nobody wants to see their child suffer the distress of not being able to breath properly or coughing their way through their early years.

Often these children also suffer with associated symptoms such as tonsillitis, ear infections, constant runny nose etc. and end up repeatedly on antibiotics.

As a homeopath, when I am treating a child with asthma I work to figure out the root cause. Very few babies are born with asthma. It is, in my experience, something that develops as they grow. I begin by making a of timeline of the child’s health.

This history or timeline often looks like this:


  • Child presents with asthma/chest infections
  • History of eczema (often needing steroid creams)
  • History of constipation and or colic/reflux


I take a detailed history of a child’s health, as well as all of their other details e.g. sleep; diet; thirst; personality etc. This information is then collated and matched to a remedy that would best suit each individual child.


The purpose of a homeopathic remedy is to help restore balance. When we are in balance we do not suffer symptoms The body is always trying to recover and maintain balance. The remedy helps it to get there and then the immune system takes over – remedies are no longer needed!


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