Babies & Colic

Babies & Colic

Does your baby suffer from colic?

Life is so much easier once we get a night’s sleep. Unfortunately lots of babies struggle with colic and we struggle to try to help them through it.

Here are some remedies that may help:


This remedy helps when the tummy is bloated and the baby draws up the knees for relief.
There can be diarrhorrea or they bring their food back up.
The pains are better for pressure.
Fruit can cause the colic.


This remedy helps when the tummy is windy and rumbles a lot.
Babies needing this usually get relief from stretching out or arching back (as apposed to drawing up the knees)
They are better for being held upright and don’t want to lie down.


This remedy helps when milk causes the colic.
Often the baby is constipated and when they do go the stool may be green.

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