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Homeopathy for Health

Homeopathy for Health helps to restore mental, emotional & physical balance

using personalised, client-focused homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy for Health

With two decades of experience in providing homeopathic treatments to clients across (Dublin & Carlow) Ireland, the team at Homeopathy for Health has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to natural homeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy is a type of medicine that has been practised all over the world for almost 250 years, using minute, dilute doses of natural origin to treat patients‘ suffering. Our team offers patient treatments to those suffering from a range of emotional, mental, and physical ailments, using an individualised approach that puts you at the centre of everything we do.
The aim of our Carlow and Dublin homeopathic practises is to restore balance in our clients’ lives, working one-on-one with clients to devise unique treatment plans that benefit your health history, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, and physical self.

To make an appointment with a member of the Homeopathy for Health team, get in touch with us today.

Homeopathy for Men

Homeopathy for Men

Homeopathy for Health offers specialised homeopathy to help men struggling with mental, emotional & physical ailments, working with you to create a unique treatment plan for any area in your life that needs more balance.


Homeopathy for Women

From fertility to stress, emotional turmoil, and physical complaints, Homeopathy for Health offers female-focused natural remedies to help clients suffering from these ailments and more.


Homeopathy for Children

Homeopathy uses remedies in such minute and small doses that they are completely safe for children to use. If your child is struggling with mental, physical, or emotional complaints, we can work with you to help boost your child’s immune system and restore health.

Client Testimonials

When I started to go to Grainne, I was angry, judgmental, sad and in turmoil with life….. Basically, very much lost in the great hurt I was experiencing. I brought many issues to the table, boxed away, from a childhood of gross neglect, alcoholism, three father figures, eight house moves, various forms of abuse, etc., etc., etc. Over time I opened up the boxes and Grainne adapted the remedies to support me along the way. She listened and guided me gently, sometimes firmly. Gave me tools to change my thinking, my language and simply showed me a different way to be. Grainne is a very kind lady who is extremely generous with her support. I will forever be grateful to Grainne for the journey of healing I am on now and genuinely feel that she put me on this path, sometimes counting the steps with me and sometimes watching me run.

S.U. - 01/08/2018

We have been going to Grainne for about six years and she has treated us for all sorts of ailments, chronic and acute. Some of these include the common cold, scar tissue, low appetite, vomiting bugs and muscle aches after sport. On another level she has supported us through grief, traumas and teenage milestones. One specific example I remember was when my daughter had a very bad flu and Grainne reviewed her over the phone, every day, for ten days! When I became familiar with homeopathy, I bought a little home kit and now I ring or text Grainne with the issue and she advises me what remedy to use. I am so glad to be able to treat my family and I in this holistic way. They have never had an antibiotic in the time that Grainne has treated them! Grainne has a lovely, natural way about her, especially with children, showing great patience and kindness.

Sarah - 27/08/2018

I am a 39yr old male and have throughout my adult life suffered with anxiety in varying degrees from moderate to severe. When I first attended Gráinne things had spiralled out of control. I was suffering with frequent, prolonged and uncontrollable panic attacks. I got immediate relief from the first remedy Gráinne gave me, enabling me to relax, put things in perspective and cope better. Over the following weeks my anxiety levels continued to diminish. I was no longer debilitated by it. I continue to attend Gráinne monthly. She is always warm and sincere, offering words of encouragement that help to redirect your focus. I now enjoy a much improved quality of life and can’t thank Gráinne enough for all her help.

JD - 01/08/2018

Gráinne is a truly excellent practitioner & I regularly recommend her to friends and family. She applies her training in an insightful & effective way to achieve noticeable and lasting results. Combining intelligence, compassion and sound practical knowledge, she treats both body and mind providing remedies to resolve physical and emotional ailments. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

SF, Dublin - 27/08/2018

I saw great improvements in my son Alex since bringing him to see Grainne a year ago. Alex was having issues regulating his emotions and was struggling on a daily basis articulately in school. Since starting homeopathic treatment Alex has transformed in that he has become calm, happy and his ability to concentrate has improved remarkably. This was noticed by everyone involved, family and school staff! I’m more than glad that I sought homeopathic treatment for Alex and Grainne is very in tune with Alex as an individual and his progress which is vitally important.

D. C - 01/08/2018

I first attended Grainne when I was expecting my first child and needed help to overcome panic attacks and insomnia. I was amazed at how quickly the treatment worked and its positive effect on all areas of my life. I have since used Grainne’s treatment for various conditions during pregnancy and the post natal period. In each case her remedies worked effectively and left me feeling balanced and relaxed. I now bring my children for treatment as homeopathy is safe and gentle for them. I would highly recommend Grainne and homeopathy for safe and effective treatment at any stage of life.

A.M - 27/08/2018

I first visited Grainne Adams after a family bereavement and I suppose like many people I was not totally convinced that homeopathy would be for me. I can only say I was wrong, Grainne and her remedies have changed my life completely for the better. Since first visiting her I have achieved things I never thought possible, and now feel positive and happy in my everyday life. I will be forever grateful to Grainne for all that she did for me.

H.D. - 01/08/2018

Grainne listens carefully to every word, and takes her time to understand where the client is coming from. I’ve been a regular client for over 4 years now, and if Grainne Adams comes across a problem which she herself can not address, then she knows a woman or man who can help. As a therapist, Grainne leaves me feeling in charge of my health, and she gives me all the support I need to live a healthy life.

P.T. - 27/08/2018

We approached Grainne because our 12 month old son had worsening eczema. We had tried every cream on the market but nothing was improving his situation. Over a period of time visiting Grainne his skin started to improve and he got huge relief, the results were amazing. One thing we liked was the calming reassuring approach! We found the experience encouraging and would recommend Grainne to others.

L.W. - 01/08/2018

I recently attended Grainne in her clinic after I’d been extremely ill with pneumonia. My whole system was completely exhausted, I still had a chronic cough and any attempt at physical exercise had me back in the bed again. Grainne began treatment of me homoeopathically. Within a few days my energy levels began to improve and I was able to return to work the following week. Grainne monitored my progress very carefully adjusting the remedies as my symptoms changed and improved. Two months after having been so seriously ill I am back to full health and my energy levels are fully restored. I am so grateful to Grainne for her assiduous care of me and commitment to getting me well again. I cannot recommend Grainne or homeopathy highly enough. Homeopathy not only cures but it brings the whole body back into balance and I’d really recommend it to everyone as a gentle but powerful way to overcome illness.

Y.C. - 27/08/2018

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been practised all over the world for almost 250 years. Homeopathic remedies work at an energetic level, stimulating the body’s own healing abilities to help mental, emotional, and physical ailments.

The word homeopathy is derived from Greek meaning ‘similar suffering.’ This is the basis of homeopathic philosophy. The main philosophy of homeopathy teaches that a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those same symptoms in a sick person e.g. A remedy made from a red onion is often prescribed for somebody suffering with red, itchy eyes that water constantly, similar to the condition hay fever.


Our bodies are always trying to maintain balance but sometimes our immune system is weakened. This can be due to various stresses that we encounter in our everyday lives or due to the stress that our lifestyle puts on our bodies. Whenever we are out of balance we can be guaranteed that our immune system will be trying to restore the balance to help us to regain health. Homeopathic remedies are in such minute, dilute doses that they are safe for everybody to use from infants, pregnant women to elderly people.

Homeopathic remedies act as a catalyst to stimulate the body’s own immune system to heal. As the remedy will match the symptoms of the person it’s as if it points the immune system in exactly the right direction to speed the healing process and to restore health and wellbeing to the body.

For safe, effective, and gentle treatment, visit Homeopathy for Health’s Carlow or Dublin homeopathic clinic. The team at Homeopathy for Health are also available to you virtually. We conduct consultations via video call. Your prescription will then be posted to you within 24 hours.

Homeopathy for Health Qualifications

Grainne Adams, the owner of Homeopathy for Health, has years of experience in helping clients with homeopathic remedies. After studying for four years in the Irish School of Homeopathy, she now runs Homeopathy for Health, works as a professional homeopath and lectures in the Irish School of Homeopathy as a senior lecturer.
Grainne has done extensive postgraduate study of the homeopathic detox therapy (HDT) As well as postgraduate study under Dr AU Ramakrishna and has travelled to India to study under Dr Rajan Sankarin.

Interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies? Why not purchase a homeopathy course from Homeopathy for Health, written and produced with decades of knowledge and industry experience

Homeopathy for Health FAQ

  • Where can I find a homeopath near me?

    Homeopathy for Health is a Carlow and Dublin homeopath service, with clinics in both locations. Homeopathy for Health also runs an online clinic so you can have appointments from the comfort of your own home and have the remedies sent to you. People from all over the world have received homeopathic treatment, via video consultation, from our team. Get in touch with the team today on 086 2600893 to book an appointment.

  • How long does it take for a homeopathic remedy to work?

    The time it takes for a homeopathic remedy to work varies greatly depending on the symptom that the client is trying to relieve. Some remedies may work in a few minutes, while others may need some days for the client to feel the full effects of the remedy. It is important to know that homeopathic remedies do not treat a condition, rather they stimulate the body’s immune system to restore balance.

  • Is homeopathic medicine safe for children?

    Yes, absolutely. Homeopathic medicine is a natural remedy used in small, dilute doses that is safe to be taken by children and babies.

  • Can you take more than one homeopathic medicine at a time?

    It’s recommended not to take more than one homeopathic medicine at a time unless they have been prescribed by a qualified homeopath as part of your treatment. If you have questions about how to take homeopathic medicines, contact Homeopathy for Health for more information.