Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Homeopathic Consultation work?

A homeopathic consultation is quite different to other consultations a person may have experienced.

A homeopath’s job is to allow the client to tell about themselves – their current problem, how it began, what it is like for them, other problems they may have whether physical or emotional.

I will have questions for the client covering things like eating habits, likes and dislikes, sleep patterns, past medical history and family medical history etc.

This initial consultation will usually take approx an hour. A remedy which best covers the totality of the client is then prescribed.

Lots of people suffer from eg migraine but no two people will experience it in exactly the same way. The homeopath must match the symptoms of the client as closely as possible to an individual remedy.

Sometimes a remedy will be prescribed on the spot and sometimes it takes a bit of detective work on the part of the homeopath and the remedy will be ready the following day.

In this way you can be assured that your remedy is for ‘you’ and not just for a particular symptom.

What can I expect whilst taking a homeopathic remedy?

Having taken a remedy, whether as a single dose or on a daily basis, you can expect a general feeling of well being.

Often people experience far better sleep having taken a remedy and feel more rested and have more energy. This is the body’s way of starting the healing process. Symptoms begin to ease as the body follows its path towards health and balance.

Clients report the easing of their symptoms – ‘not as bad as it was,’ ‘not as often’ and ‘doesn’t last as long.’ This improvement continues until the body has completely redressed the imbalance and the symptoms no longer appear at all.

Is there a follow-up?

A follow up appointment usually takes place a month after the initial meeting.

At the follow up consultation the client’s progress will be monitored to ascertain the action of the remedy.

I carefully discuss the changes that have taken place and then prescribe remedies to be taken for the next few weeks.

How long do I have to take a homeopathic remedy for?

The length of a person’s treatment depends on a few factors
How long they have had the condition being treated i.e. conditions of a more recent onset will often disappear quite quickly.
The nature of the complaint i.e. more chronic conditions will take longer to treat.

A person’s level of health in general can often determine the length of time it takes for the body to restore balance.

Is it safe to use homeopathic remedies in Pregnancy?

Homeopathic remedies are energetic medicines which act on the body’s own healing system without the risk of toxicity or side effects and are therefore very safe to use in pregnancy.

Can I take a homeopathic remedy if I am on other medication?

Homeopathic remedies can be taken whilst a person is taking other prescribed medication. If the client wishes to reduce prescribed medication this must be done in conjunction with their doctor or other healthcare professional who prescribed this medication.