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Babies & Colic

Does your baby suffer from colic?

Life is so much easier once we get a night’s sleep. Unfortunately lots of babies struggle with colic and we struggle to try to help them through it.

Here are some remedies that may help:


  • This remedy helps when the tummy is bloated and the baby draws up the knees for relief.
  • There can be diarrhorrea or they bring their food back up.
  • The pains are better for pressure.
  • Fruit can cause the colic.


  • This remedy helps when the tummy is windy and rumbles a lot.
  • Babies needing this usually get relief from stretching out or arching back (as apposed to drawing up the knees)
  • They are better for being held upright and don’t want to lie down.


  • This remedy helps when milk causes the colic.
  • Often the baby is constipated and when they do go the stool may be green.

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